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What exactly are cookies?
"Cookies" refer to tiny text documents generated by an internet server, which are then stored on your electronic device. They are designed to retain a modest quantity of data related to your website interactions, enabling the server to recognize you efficiently and primarily deliver the information you require. Cookies are neither spyware nor adware and do not transmit viruses or execute programs on your computer or device. By consenting to the Website's Terms of Use, you authorize Ofran to employ the data retained in the Cookies to recognize you appropriately.

What's the purpose of Cookies on our Website?
Our application of Cookies is essential for the website's functionality, including the objectives of monitoring and sustaining its performance, accumulating statistical data regarding website utilization, authenticating information, safeguarding data, acquiring statistical details about usage, and gathering information that excludes personal data. These processes assist us in tailoring the website according to your individual preferences. Additionally, Cookies may be utilized to personalize the advertisements shown to you, featuring goods or services, following your assorted online behaviors and the various sites and services you access.

Web Beacons
Beyond cookies, we also employ web beacons to ensure the continuous and accurate functioning of the website. Web Beacons are minuscule graphic elements with a distinct identifier placed within web pages. They aid in collating data concerning the observation and usage of the website. The information amassed by the web beacons does not personally recognize you and aims to track the browsing tendencies on the website and supervise user predilections concerning various content and services.

How is it possible to restrict the usage of cookies?
The activation of cookies and/or the elimination of network beacons can be controlled by modifying your browser's configurations. Kindly consult your browser's help documentation to carry out this task. For certain services highlighted above, you have the option to demand the cessation of cookie collection regarding your usage (through the "Opt Out" choice). Be aware that restricting cookies might lead to the inability to access certain services and features on this and other websites, diminishing the user experience.

Third-party usage of cookies or web beacons
Upon accessing our website, you might encounter links leading to alternative sites, with some offering services pertinent to our operations. Ofran does not hold accountability for the content or privacy practices of these sites or providers, and their application of cookies or network beacons adheres to the privacy policies displayed on their respective websites.

For additional data and an extensive overview of our privacy policy, please click here.


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