Car Rental Pick-Up and Drop off Tips

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Car Rental Pick-Up Tips

Picking up your rental car ? Here are some tips to ensure a smooth process:

◾ Rental Desk Location

 Your voucher will provide the exact address and operating hours of the station. If unclear, use the contact details on the voucher for assistance

◾ Prepare Your Documents

Ensure you have the following:

- Car rental voucher

- Valid national driver's license

- International driving license (if required)

- International credit card for deposit (Remember the PIN!)


◾ Pick-Up Timing

The rental car is reserved for one hour from the scheduled time or until the station closes. If you anticipate a delay, contact the station.

◾ Rental Agreement

Upon presenting your documents, you'll sign an agreement. Carefully review it for correctness and ensure you're not being charged for extras you didn't sign up for.

◾ Your Rental Vehicle

While booking guarantees a car from a particular group, the specific model isn't assured. Ensure any vehicle damages are noted on the contract, and familiarize yourself with the car's fuel type and any extra equipment.


Car Rental Return Tips

Returning your rental car? Here are tips for a hassle-free drop-off:

◾ Timely Returns

Rentals are calculated in 24-hour periods from pick-up to return. Ensure timeliness to avoid extra charges, and notify the company of any unavoidable delays.

◾ Fuel Policy

Always return the vehicle with a full tank unless you've opted for a different fuel policy. Refuel at the appropriate station and retain the receipt.

◾ Vehicle Cleanliness

Ensure the car is returned in a clean state. Avoid smoking inside the vehicle, as you may incur additional cleaning charges.

◾ Check for Damages

Before returning, inspect and photograph the car. Always get a copy of the return report and ensure its accuracy.

◾ After-Hours Returns

If you return the car outside business hours, remember you're accountable until the company formally closes the lease. Park only in designated areas, drop keys in the key box, and capture photographs to document the car's condition.

◾ Personal Belongings

Double-check to ensure you haven't left any items behind before leaving the rental vehicle.

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