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Here are some common questions regarding car rental abroad.
If you can't find an answer, you can contact us and we'll assist you in any way we can

Before Rental

When you arrive to collect the car, you and any other person who wants to be registered as an additional driver must show the following items and documentation:

Your rental confirmation voucher.

◾ A valid driving license in the driver's name (this must be a photo ID version).

◾ An international driving permit in the driver's name (even if local laws allow for driving with a license, the rental company may still request an international permit, so it's advised to have one).

◾ A passport that matches the driver's name.

◾ An international credit card in the driver's name. Remember, you'll need your credit card PIN (the private 4-digit number).

Furthermore, before you head to your destination, it's a good idea to familiarize yourself with the local traffic regulations.

 ◾ When picking up the car It's advisable to thoroughly review the contract's terms and conditions before you commit to it. Should you notice any inconsistencies between the details outlined in your voucher and those in the rental agreement before you sign, don't hesitate to inform us.

Ensure that the vehicle comes with all necessary paperwork, such as registration, insurance documents, emergency contact details, and safety equipment like a warning triangle and a tire puncture repair kit for temporary fixes en route to a service station. Furthermore, confirm that all pre-existing wear or damage is duly noted and reflected in your rental contract.

◾ When returning the car It's crucial to return the vehicle in the condition you found it: refueled, tidy, and free of any undisclosed damages. Failure to restore its initial state may result in the rental service levying fines or administrative charges.

Your vehicle reservation is maintained for up to an hour beyond the stipulated collection time indicated on your voucher.

In the event of a foreseeable delay, it's crucial to promptly inform the car rental pick-up point (you can find the contact information on your voucher) of your new arrival time. Failure to notify the pick-up station may result in the cancellation of your car reservation and a potential no-show fee imposed by the rental service.

Additionally, you have the option to notify our office during regular working hours by dialing 011-657-3600 or click here.

During Rental

The approach to toll roads differs from one destination to another.
Upon arrival in countries like Austria, Switzerland, Slovenia, and Hungary, you're required to buy a specific sticker known as a vignette before using the motorways, even if you're merely transiting through these nations.

Be aware that lacking the correct sticker can result in substantial penalties. Conversely, in countries like the USA, Italy, France, Norway, and others, you have the option to pay at toll booths as you enter or leave the motorways, or you can acquire a special device that's set up in your vehicle to handle the tolls, thereby avoiding the need for cash on hand or unnecessary waiting in lines.

We advise researching the preferred payment methods at your intended destination before renting, and informing both us and the rental agency if you intend to drive to other countries in your rental vehicle.

Unfortunately, despite the vehicle being returned ahead of the scheduled rental conclusion, there is no provision for a refund for the unused days.

◾ In case of a car malfunction:

If your car experience a breakdown: Immediately reach out to the rental agency or the emergency support team using the contact details provided (no-charge call) on your rental contract, with the car keys, or in the vehicle's handbook, and prompt assistance will be arranged for you. Be aware that while the support number is typically free of charge, any extra expenses incurred if you're calling from your mobile phone may not be reimbursed by the car rental agency.

Should towing be necessary - you will receive guidance from the rental agency on the next steps.

◾ In case of a collision or an accident:
It's necessary to obtain a police report and notify the car rental agency, adhering to any guidance they provide. You must prepare a detailed report, especially if a third party is involved. 

Post Rental

Upon receiving notification of a traffic violation during your rental period, you might wonder about the payment process. Should a traffic infraction occur, local authorities will seek your contact information from the rental agency to forward a violation notice, outlining various payment methods.

Be aware, rental agencies impose a service charge for providing your information to the pertinent authorities, a fee detailed in your rental agreement.

For violations outside of Europe, payment can typically be made through the details provided in the notice, often via bank transfer, with occasional online credit card payment options.

It's noteworthy that traffic fines abroad can be received in two manners:

◾ Immediate Citation
  If a citation is handed to you during your journey and includes a bank transfer number (IBAN), you have the option to settle the fine through our service, prior to any communication from the rental agency. If the citation lacks banking information, it's necessary to await the official notice from the issuing Authority.

◾ Rental Agency
Forwarded Citation - the rental company receives and forwards the citation in your name. In such instances:
A. A mandatory transaction fee (ranging from 20-50 euros) is applicable, payable via credit card, and is non-recoverable.
B. Upon the rental agency's notification of the issued citation and completed transfer, you're required to await the official citation from the issuing authority.


There are multiple scenarios where the car rental agency might bill you extra, such as: additional driver coverage, young driver insurance, provision of baby or child seats, one-way rental charges, dual fuel tank option (often with an added refueling charge), voluntary upgrades to a higher car category, late vehicle return penalties, GPS equipment rental, winter/ski gear, cross-border travel insurance, comprehensive insurance cover, fees for toll roads or other state-imposed charges, traffic violation penalties (or administrative fees), Passenger and Cargo Insurance (PAI), or any other insurance or services you opted for.

All supplementary charges will be inclusive of local taxes and mandatory fees.

If you're still uncertain about the charge, feel free to reach out to us for clarification.

To ensure your query is processed promptly, kindly provide the billing details (sum and date of the charge), a duplicate of the vehicle rental agreement, and the car rental reservation number from Ofran or the voucher number.

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