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Navigating through foreign roads can be complex due to varying driving regulations across countries. Here's what you need to be aware of.

Highway Stickers

◾ Several countries like Austria, Switzerland, Slovenia, and Hungary require a special pass to drive on their highways or motorways. This pass is often a sticker placed on the vehicle's front windscreen.

◾ Ensure you have the correct sticker when driving through these countries, even if you're merely passing through. Absence of the appropriate sticker can lead to substantial fines.

◾ Besides the sticker system, many countries have toll roads. Countries like the US, Italy, France, Portugal, and Norway require direct payment at highway checkpoints. Rental companies in certain countries might offer devices like the "Toll-pass" in the US or "Via Verde" in Portugal to streamline or potentially reduce toll payments. When in the US, inquire about such devices during your car pickup.

Traffic Laws:

◾ Familiarize yourself with local traffic laws, as they can differ significantly. While speed limits and international traffic signs are usually standardized, some European cities restrict vehicular access to their centers.

◾ Cities like London and Stockholm levy fees for entering specific zones, whereas cities in Italy might have "zona a traffico limitato" zones that are easy to overlook. Inadvertently entering these zones can lead to fines captured by local surveillance and forwarded to you via the rental company. Be aware, rental companies might add a service charge for sharing your details with local authorities.

To ensure a hassle-free journey, always research and understand the road regulations of your travel destination in advance. Safe driving!

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