Car Rental Tips for the USA

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Heading to the USA for a family holiday, a road trip with friends, or business travel? Given the vast expanse of the country, renting a car is often the most practical and economical choice to explore its diverse landscapes and cities. The process is straightforward, affordable, and moving between states is seamless.

Here's a quick guide to enhance your car rental experience in the USA:

◾ Book Early

 As you secure your flight tickets, remember to book your car. Ensure you possess an international credit card for the deposit. Remember, Diners or Debit cards aren't acceptable for deposits.

◾ Choose a Reputable Rental Company

 Partner with established brands like Alamo and National. Not only are they highly rated by customers, but they also boast extensive networks across major airports, attractions, and cities. Plus, they offer 24/7 roadside assistance and favorable terms for one-way rentals.

◾ Select Your Model

 At major airports, Alamo provides the 'Choice' service, allowing you to pick a vehicle from a category you've pre-booked.

◾ Speed Up the Process

 Use the 'Save Time' service for quicker check-in at ALAMO locations. You can pre-fill your details online, print the confirmation, and present it on arrival.

◾ Consider Toll Roads

The US has numerous toll roads. Devices like 'Toll Pass' available at select Alamo and National locations simplify and even discount your toll payments. It charges directly to your card, avoiding the hassle of queues or exact change.

◾ Stay Informed on Traffic Laws

 While each state has unique traffic laws, certain norms are consistent. Vehicles are typically larger than European cars, all come with automatic transmission, and include comprehensive insurance. If crossing states, consult with the rental agent about varying regulations.

◾ Child Safety

 Ensure children are seated as per state regulations concerning age, height, and weight. Non-compliance can lead to hefty fines.

◾ Handling Traffic Stops

If a car signals you to pull over, remain inside, and wait with your hands on the steering wheel.


 Generally, hitchhiking or picking up hitchhikers is illegal across the US. This is especially strict near prison areas.

◾ School Buses

 Never pass yellow school buses when they're boarding or disembarking students, indicated by flashing red lights.

◾ Carry an International Driver's License

 It's mandatory in many states. Some rental agencies might ask for it even if the state doesn't mandate it.

Whether you're cruising down the Californian coast or navigating New York's urban maze, these tips ensure a smoother journey. Safe travels!

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