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The use of this website for the purpose of making reservations is not intended for minors but for adults 21 years and older only. If it becomes apparent that the person who made the reservation is a minor, and his guardians do not approve of the reservation, there will be no right to any restitution, and Car Hire Brokers and/or any affiliated company and/or any of its dealers and/or its agents and/or its shareholders (hereinafter referred to as: "the Company") reserves the right to take any measures at its disposal against the minor and his guardians for any damage caused as a result thereof.

The terms of use of this website are phrased in masculine form for convenience purposes only, and of course also refer to females.

1. The following are conditions of a legal agreement between you and the Company, applicable to the browsing and/or use of the website. You confirm that you have read and understood these conditions and that you agree to be bound to act in accordance therewith and obey all relevant rules and regulations, and therefore you are requested to read them carefully. It is possible that the website may contain content, the use of which is subject, in addition to these general terms, also to an online agreement which addresses it in particular. If you disagree with these general terms, do not use this website.

2. The Company is entitled, without notice and at any time, to change these terms of use and any other information included in this website by updating this publication. In addition, the Company may make improvements or changes to the products, services, content, pictures and information published on this website at any time and without notice.

3. These conditions apply to the use of the website of the Company and the content included in it by any computer, communications device or other technological instrument through which entrance to the website of the Company is possible.

4. Under these conditions, the term "content" or "contents" includes information of any type and kind, including any verbal, visual, audio-visual content or any combination thereof and their design, processing, editing, distribution and presentation, including but without limitation any picture, photograph, drawing, illustration, animation, chart, image, simulation, sample, clip, voice file and musical file, any software, file, computer code, application, format, protocol, database and interface, and any character, symbol, sign or icon.

5. You are entitled to use the website of the Company and anything contained therein for personal and private use only. It is forbidden to copy, reproduce, publish, upload, mail, transmit, distribute or use any of the content in publications and in information provided on the website for any purpose and, among others, creation of derivative works, marketing use and any other use, commercial or non-commercial. This includes, but is not limited to, any use which may harm the Company in any manner without the consent of the Company in advance and in writing.

6. All copyrights and property on the website of the Company, in the services offered and in any content included therein belong to the Company or to a third party who allowed the Company the use thereof. It is forbidden to copy, distribute or use as specified in these conditions.

7. If given specific permission by the Company, the permission is restricted, meaning it is exclusive and non-transferable. Such permission is conditioned on not modifying the content presented on this website, protecting the copyrights, trademarks and other proprietary notices, and that you take upon yourself any term, condition or notice, accompanying the content or detailed in any other manner on this website.

8. Except for the limited permission described in the preceding section, the Company will not grant you any rights or licenses, expressed or implied, for any patents, trademarks, copyrights or proprietary rights and intellectual property rights of any kind. You are not entitled to reproduce any content from this website to another website or any other media.

9. Notwithstanding the foregoing, any software and/or pictures and/or information and/or other material available for downloading, accessing or other use on this website, with license terms, conditions and notices of their own, will be subject to the same license terms, conditions and notices. Failure to comply with the terms, the conditions and the notices of this website will automatically cancel all rights granted to you without any prior notice, and you must immediately destroy all copies of materials you downloaded to the computer you own or under your control.

10. There is no assurance or guarantee that the information in this website is updated or complete at any time. In addition, the website may contain technical inaccuracies or typographical errors. The Company does not accept any liability to immediately update the marketing content and information received from third parties, and it undertakes to update the information as soon as possible in order to maintain the information up-to-date or to ensure the accuracy or completeness of any information published in accordance therewith.

11. The Company does its best to ensure that the activity of the website is not disturbed and is provided as expected without interruptions, safely and free of error, and acts so that the website is protected against unauthorized access to the computers of the Company or against damages, corruptions, malfunctions -to the hardware, software, communication lines and systems of the Company or any of its suppliers.

12. The Company implements advanced security mechanisms to secure the information on the website; hacking of the computer systems of the website or of the Company constitutes a criminal offense under South African law. However, as a computerised database, the Company cannot guarantee absolute immunity against hacking of its computers, such penetration attempts, disclosure of information or interruptions and disturbances to the activities of the systems used by the website.

You confirm that you know that the Company makes every effort to protect the computerised database, but is unable to guarantee absolute immunity against hacking of the computer systems, and you will not have any claim and/or complaint in case of hacking of the computer system.
You undertake not to take any action intended to illegally access the computers of the Company, search for access routes or loopholes in these computer systems, crack the security systems or the encryption protecting the website and the information therein or assist in any of the aforementioned activities.

13. Certain texts in this website may be available in foreign languages or translated by a computer program or in any other manner, without human intervention or examination. These translations are provided for your convenience and the Company neither represents nor warrants the accuracy or completeness of the translation.

14. So far as there are any links on the website to other websites (including links to advertisements and commercial information of third parties and pictures, including pictures of trains, hotels and sites), you must remember that the content of these websites is not edited by the Company and they are not under its control.
The responsibility for the use, understanding of the content and the information is not that of the Company. If you find that the information and content published in these websites does not satisfy your needs, or that you object to their content, or find them aggravating, annoying and improper, illegal or immoral, you are to refer your objection to the entities responsible for those websites and such content.

15. It is forbidden to link to the website of the Company from any website containing pornographic content, content that promotes racism or prohibited discrimination or that its publication is illegal or promotes illegal activities.

16. The price of the vehicle(s) which you will be charged for under the reservation and rental of the vehicle(s) is the price stated on the website at the time of the reservation. Without derogating from the above, the Company reserves the right, at any time, to change the prices of vehicles even without advance notice. After the performance and confirmation of the reservation by the Company, the price will be guaranteed and with no changes (as long as no changes were made to the nature of the reservation). Any change to the reservation will be done by phone and not through the website.

17. Payment for the rental of a vehicle through the website will be done only by providing a valid credit card, which was cleared by one of the credit card companies, as detailed on the website at the time of the reservation. The Company will not honor any other payment (excluding situations in which other payment terms were agreed upon in advance with the Company).

18. Making a reservation on the website shall not be construed as confirmation or agreement for the supply of vehicle rental services. The supply of a vehicle to the customer at the destination country shall take place only if the following conditions are complied with: the reservation was recorded in the system, it was approved by the vehicle supplier, the customer paid in advance for the vehicle and a rental certificate was issued for him.

19. The role of the Company is to connect between the renter and the supplier of the vehicle. The contracting of the renter with the Company is to make a vehicle reservation from a vehicle supplier in the destination country only.
When collecting the vehicle, the renter shall sign a new contract with the vehicle supplier, and at that time, the Company's part in connection with the renter shall end. However, if it is contacted, the Company will endeavor to assist, during and after the rental period, in the ascertainment of any requests and/or claims against the vehicle supplier. It should be emphasized that the Company is not an extension of the vehicle supplier and is not responsible for its activities, and therefore is not the address for the receipt of legal claims against it.

20. Some of the uses of the website and/or the services provided on the website require registration under which you will be required to provide personal information. Therefore, you hereby declare that the personal information provided to the Company is given voluntarily and with your consent.
The information provided by you is subject to the instructions of the privacy policy in the regulations and/or by law. The Company shall avoid, to the extent possible, knowingly providing information to third parties unless required to do so by court order and/or faced with a threat of legal action (criminal or civil) against it for actions you made on the website. In this case, the Company may provide your information to the party claiming it was harmed by you and/or in accordance with a court order without advance notice.

21. You undertake to indemnify the Company, its employees, managers or anyone on its behalf for any damage, loss, profit loss, payment or expense caused to them, including attorneys' fees and court fees due to violation of these terms of use.

22. In case of discrepancy and/or inconsistency between this Agreement and any other publication, in writing or orally, of any type and kind, the provisions of the Agreement shall prevail and rule; the notices and various publications are for convenience only.

23. The laws of the Republic of South Africa shall apply to this Agreement however the international conflict of law rules set therein shall not apply. Any disputes that may arise between the Parties in connection with the use of the website and/or in connection with the conditions of use, including in connection with specific online agreements related to certain services on the website of the Company shall be brought before a single arbitrator who shall be a lawyer, proficient in electronic commerce and the Internet, whose identity shall be determined by the chairman of the South African Bar Association at the request of either Party.

The arbitrator may grant temporary reliefs and interim orders; arbitration shall take place in Johannesburg. The arbitrator shall not be bound by the rules of civil procedure however he shall be bound by the rules of evidence and substantive law. The arbitrator shall give reasoning for his decisions.

Notwithstanding the foregoing, if either of the Parties to this Agreement is sued by a third party in a legal proceeding of any kind, the defendant may, despite the aforementioned, join the other party to this Agreement as a party in that legal proceeding, and in that case, this arbitration agreement shall not apply.

24. The Company adheres to complying with the law and respects the right of the users of the website and others to their privacy and good reputation. If you believe that content published on the website offends you in any way, please contact us at the details below and we will address your complaint as soon as possible. Complaints can be submitted to the following address:

Customer Relations Department - 7 Zulberg Close, Bruma, Johannesburg.
Or via by e-mail to [email protected]



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