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  1. We, Car hire Brokers (hereinafter referred to as "CHB" or "the company"), prioritize the protection of our users' privacy. This privacy policy is pertinent to our website and any pages we may occasionally operate within various social networks, such as Facebook, LinkedIn, among others (hereinafter referred to as "The Website"). This Privacy Policy governs all data that we gather about you, stored in our digital systems, whether it's personal data you've elected to share with us in the context of the services we offer, for engaging in our periodic activities, or the data gathered through technological methods during your interaction with The Website (hereinafter - "the Information"). This Privacy Policy elaborates on the nature of The Information we gather and how we utilize it. "Personal Information" pertains to data directly associated with an individual, potentially encompassing, but not restricted to, name, address, telephone number, email address, payment information, IP address, and so forth.
  2. The stipulations contained in this Privacy Policy are subject to evolution and may undergo modifications periodically, in response to legislative updates, technological advancements, alterations in the services we render, or shifts in our internal policies. Consequently, we encourage you to revisit this policy intermittently to check for any updated versions and, if applicable, acquaint yourself with the revised terms. These amended terms will govern all data held in our digital systems, inclusive of any information you've supplied or that has been collected about you.
  3. We've dedicated substantial effort to ensure our privacy policy is presented to you in a straightforward and comprehensible manner. Nonetheless, should there be any uncertainty or should you seek further details, don't hesitate to reach out to us with a relevant request, and we'll be more than willing to assist. Inquiries can be directed to us via email at [email protected]. Information - The data we compile about you
  4. CHB reserves the right to collect, receive, and store any form of information, encompassing personal data, records, and other specifics, which will be sent, uploaded, communicated, transferred, distributed, or exchanged in connection with the services. The personal data will be securely held in our database in compliance with the Protection of Privacy Law, 1981, and will be handled in line with the directives of this Privacy Policy and as per legal requirements. Providing us with personal information is not mandatory. However, furnishing certain personal details is a prerequisite for executing specific operations on The Website and/or availing of the services we offer. Failure to provide the requisite personal data may impede your ability to access some of our services or engage in certain activities we facilitate. The personal information collected may comprise the following elements:

The types of information we may collect include:

◾ Information that you will supply us: 
 i. Upon signing up for our website and services, you'll be prompted to provide certain personal details such as your complete name, email address, telephone number, address, and other contact information. This data is utilized by us for purposes including customer service, support, and guidance.

ii. In utilizing our services (like requesting a price estimate), you'll need to share further personal data including: specifics about the driver, your preferences for car rental, reservation specifics - encompassing pick-up and drop-off times and places, age, ID/passport number, date of birth, and any other pertinent personal details, your payment information, and any necessary documentation we might require to verify your identity, plus any additional information you opt to provide us during your interaction with our services, or through any other form of communication you may start with us.
This information, along with details we gather about your transactions with CHB, is employed by us to process and fulfill your reservation, deliver customer service, send updates, engage in correspondence with you, provide support and respond to your questions, oversee payment processing and generate invoices and receipts for the services, handle operational procedures as necessitated by our agreement with you, produce financial reports and adhere to legal requirements, address possible legal issues, and to ensure transaction authenticity and avert any infractions or illegal activities.

iii. Information you share during your interactions with us via phone, email, or any other modes of communication, including through chat or when you input information on our website or respond to our questionnaires and surveys. We reserve the right to monitor and retain records of phone conversations, email communications, live chats, and any other interactions between you and our customer service representatives or other company personnel for purposes of customer service, enhancement of service quality, and legal safeguarding.

◾ Data provided by your travel agent
If your CHB car rental services were booked through a travel agent, either via our website or another method, we will obtain from your agent the personal details mentioned above that are necessary for processing your reservation. It is the travel agent's duty to inform the final customer that their details will be forwarded to CHB for the purpose of fulfilling the service booking.

◾ Automatically collected information about you
When engaging with The Website, even without making a reservation, we may gather data related to your usage patterns, including details about the operating system and browser you are utilizing, the IP address you use to access The Website, Your Geographic Position, the website that led you to The Website, and the content you showed interest in while on The Website. Furthermore, if you are on a mobile device (like a smartphone or tablet), we might gather device-specific information, such as your device ID, location details, and device privacy preferences. The information outlined in this section doesn't comprise personal data and is thus deemed as statistical data (hereafter referred to as "Statistical Information"), but it may yield insights about you. 5. Beyond statistical and personal data, we might gather information about you through various engagements that we conduct, like posts or messages you submit on diverse social media pages we manage, campaigns we occasionally run on various social platforms, and "Chat" systems operated by or for us. Participation in these activities is entirely voluntary, but it's crucial for you to understand that any information you divulge may be collected by us.


Procedures for Gathering Statistical Data and Cookie Usage Practices

  1. Like most online platforms, our website utilizes "cookies" and similar technologies fundamentally (hereafter collectively referred to as "cookies") for the seamless functioning of the Website. This includes ensuring the Website's stability, gathering statistical data about the Website's usage, tailoring the Website to your individual preferences, meeting information security requirements, and more. Additionally, cookies help in compiling statistical information regarding usage and frequency that excludes personal information.
  2. "Cookies" are small text files that your browser generates following a request from the Website's servers. Some cookies are deleted when you shut your browser, while others are saved on your computer's hard drive or your device. Cookies might contain various data, such as the pages you've accessed, the duration of your visit to the Website, your origin point, the data you prefer to view upon login, and more. It's important to note that cookies are neither spyware nor adware and can't disseminate viruses or execute programs on your computer or device.
  3. We also engage third-party cookies, which include Google Analytics, Google's promotional services, and social media platforms (like Facebook). These cookies are programmed to display advertisements about goods or services based on your diverse online activities and your visits to other websites and services, a process known as Retargeting. Furthermore, social media cookies aim to present you with content from the same social platforms on our site, highlight content you've shown interest in, suggest additional content you might find appealing, and more. • For further insights into the kinds of cookies Google and its partners employ and their utilization of this data, please refer to the additional details in the Google Information Center. • For more specifics on how Facebook or its affiliates use cookies, kindly consult the supplementary information in Facebook’s Cookie Policy.
  4. Beyond cookies, we employ web beacons to ensure the continuous and appropriate functioning of the Website, which includes accumulating statistical data about Website usage, verifying details, and customizing the Website according to your personal tastes and security information. Web beacons are minuscule graphic files with unique identifiers situated within web pages, assisting in collecting data about the observation and interaction with the Website. The compiled information doesn’t identify you personally but is used to analyze browsing patterns on the Website and understand user preferences concerning various content and services.
  5. You have the option to decline the use of cookies and/or erase web beacons by modifying your browser settings. You'll find guidance on how to do this in your browser’s help documentation. For some of the services referenced above, you have the opportunity to exclude yourself from cookie collection (via the "Opt-Out" feature).
  6. Be aware that disabling cookies might prevent you from accessing certain services and features on the Website or other online platforms. Additionally, you have the option to delete cookies from your computer or device whenever you choose. It's advisable to proceed with this only if you're sure you don’t want the Website customized to your preferences or if you prefer not to share information regarding your activity with third parties.

Utilization and Maintenance of the Information We Collect

12. The statistical or other non-personal information that we gather about you is utilized for an array of purposes, including:
(1) enhancing the Website, the services we provide, and our managed activities, which involves enriching the content exhibited on the Website, gauging our users' interest in the Website and the information it showcases, assessing the impact of our service announcements and activities, and formulating new services or other ventures;
(2) ensuring the Website's proper and uninterrupted functionality;
(3) conducting market analyses based on statistical data and sharing them with third parties, including advertisers;
(4) any other objectives outlined in this privacy policy and/or the general usage terms of the Website, in compliance with the stipulations of applicable laws.

13. The personal details you provide can be utilized by us for various purposes, such as:
(1) Service Provision: Primarily, we use your details to process your vehicle orders, communicate regarding services you've ordered, and offer related services. For certain activities, we might need to share your information (excluding credit details) with the vehicle supplier and other service providers.
(2) Client Support: Your personal details are essential for us to offer support related to your orders.
(3) Satisfaction Surveys: We may use your contacts for feedback on user experience and services, which is crucial for service improvement.
(4) Promotional Efforts: We might occasionally use your contact details to share updates about services offered by us or our associates, including new services, special deals, competitions, promotional offerings, and/or other news from us, our affiliates, or our business partners ("Promotional Information"). This information could reach you through email, text message ("SMS"), fax, and/or other digital channels as they become available, all in compliance with legal standards. We'll only send you promotional content if you've agreed explicitly, or if consent isn't legally obligatory. You have the option at any moment to opt-out of receiving promotional content by using the unsubscribe link in the email or by contacting us at [email protected]. Additionally, where permitted by law, we might use your details to present tailored promotions on our Website, social platforms, or via third-party channels.
(5) Communication for Various Reasons: We might reach out to you via email, text message ("SMS"), fax, and/or other available digital methods for several other reasons, such as responding to your feedback or inquiries that you've directed to us; or to remind you about incomplete order information on our Website (this feature helps you resume your order process without starting from scratch).
(6) Identifying and Mitigating Fraud: Your personal data may be instrumental in detecting and thwarting fraudulent, illegal, or undesirable actions.
(7) Service Enhancement: We might analyze your personal data to better our services, enrich user interaction, and elevate the performance and caliber of our service offerings.
(8) Safeguarding Our Rights: Your personal details may be employed to defend our legal positions and interests.
(9) Other Purposes: We may inform you about other potential applications of your personal data, either broadly or individually, related to the services you solicit from us. Disclosure of Information to Third Parties.

14. We reserve the right to disclose to third parties any aggregate data collected by us during your use of The Website, excluding your personal information, and this may include sharing with our business associates.

15. In compliance with legal stipulations, we may divulge your personal details to third parties under the following circumstances:
(1) Your personal details may be shared with our staff, suppliers, or subcontractors tasked with providing you the services or any related service; however, the shared information will only encompass what's necessary for such services. For instance, to facilitate your car rental process, we will forward your personal and order details to the respective car supplier.
(2) Transferring information to the car rental firm - to finalize your car rental procedure, your information alongside the booking specifics will be conveyed to the car rental company you've selected through us; the rental company is solely responsible for data protection and handling as per their privacy policies.
(3) We might reveal your personal details to service providers working on our behalf, essential for our business processes and who handle the personal data you submit, but such disclosure will be confined to information necessary for these services. These providers are bound by confidentiality agreements and are committed to using personal information solely for rendering services to CHB.
(4) Your personal data might be shared with our employees, suppliers, or subcontractors conducting surveys related to satisfaction and user experience on our behalf, but only the essential data for these surveys will be provided. Also, these entities are bound by confidentiality and committed to using personal information only for CHB's service provision.
(5) If you accessed our site via third-party websites ("Referring Sites"), we might share some of your personal data with these sites' operators, subject to the Privacy Policy of the referring websites.
(6) Your personal information could be shared with a third party if we undergo a business transition with that party, like a merger, business transfer, or strategic alliance.
(7) In legal matters between you and us, especially disputes regarding your use of The Website or services offered, your personal information may be disclosed.
(8) To facilitate payment for your bookings, we might disclose your personal details to financial institutions or credit card companies; in these instances, the third party’s privacy policy, not ours, will govern your personal information.
(9) While using The Website, you might opt to share content or your interactions on various social platforms. Should you choose to, the privacy policy of those social networks will apply, not this one.
(10) If your activities on The Website or social platforms give rise to legal action or are considered illegal or damaging to others, we might share your personal details with authorities like law enforcement or regulatory bodies.
(11) A breach of The Website’s Terms of Use or any legal agreement presented on The Website may lead to the disclosure of your personal information.
(12) We might have to reveal your personal information if required by law or a court order.

16. Furthermore, adhering to legal provisions, we might transmit your personal data to our affiliates or business partners, under the condition that this information is used strictly according to this privacy policy and for the purposes specified by the database where your disclosed personal information is stored, following the legal standards governing such information use.

We strive to uphold adequate physical and electronic safeguards to protect your personal data, aiming to minimize unauthorized access. Nonetheless, these precautions aren't foolproof against illegal database breaches by unauthorized entities.


Information Security Measures

  1. Our endeavor is to uphold sound physical and electronic safeguards aimed at defending your private data and minimizing the chances of unauthorized exposure. Nonetheless, these safeguards are not foolproof against unauthorized database breaches conducted in defiance of legal standards.
  2. Furthermore, customer credit card processing for orders via the website is managed through a payment processor. CHB refrains from retaining any credit card information supplied by users of The Website on its digital systems.


Services from Third Parties

  1. Some services on the website, including those related to Facebook, are actually overseen by entities other than the company. In such instances, these services are delivered or controlled via the third parties identified.
  2. CHB is permitted to enlist the help of third-party entities, encompassing advertising firms, to display advertisements on The Website or other online locations, or to offer supplementary services.
  3. Without detracting from the above, you acknowledge your understanding that your interactions on The Website could enable third parties, like online search engines, to use such engagement nature, to deliver customized advertisements during your internet usage, beyond The Website too, as an integral component of their regular operations, unrelated to company operations. Such activities by third parties are governed solely by their own privacy policies and are their exclusive responsibility; the company bears no accountability for these actions.

Links to Third Parties

22. Some services contain links to third-party websites and services beyond the company’s jurisdiction, not encompassed by this privacy policy. CHB disclaims all responsibility for privacy conduct customary on other websites linked to or from The Website, and we advise you to scrutinize said privacy policies personally.


Safeguarding Children's Online Privacy

23. Ensuring the online privacy of children and/or minors is of significant concern to us. Should we become aware that a registered user of our website is under the age of 18, we will proceed to cancel the user's registration.

Access Rights to Personal Data

  1. Personal data is retained in CHB's official database. The database, registered with the Database Registrar, is named "CHB Customers," registration number 600010292.
  2. In line with the Protection of Privacy Law, 1981 (hereafter referred to as the "Protection of Privacy Law"), you are entitled to inspect your personal data stored in the database. Should you discover inaccuracies in your personal data, you may seek corrections or request removal of your data from our records, consistent with and pursuant to the Protection of Privacy Law. You may reach out to us to peruse your personal data through the email address provided at the homepage or via post to Ben Yehuda 1, Tel Aviv, zip code 6380101, and we commit to responding to your queries at the earliest opportunity, in compliance with applicable law.

Alterations to the Privacy Policy

26. CHB holds the authority, at its exclusive discretion, to modify, substitute, refresh, alter, or revise this privacy policy at any phase, without prior notification. We will inform of significant modifications to this policy through our service and/or by an email notification concerning said changes. Otherwise, any amendments to this privacy policy will come into effect from the "last updated date" specified. Consequently, we advise you to review this website periodically to check the most recent Privacy Policy and Terms of Cookie files.


Additional Information


  1. To preclude any doubt, and without limiting the preceding statements, it is emphasized that CHB is not required to gather or maintain information within its digital systems and undertakes such actions at its absolute discretion, in line with its business requirements.
  2. Should you have inquiries, apprehensions, or feedback about our practices or privacy policies, please connect with us via email at [email protected].
  3. If you disagree with any part of this Privacy Policy, we ask that you abstain from using The Website or submitting personal data to us.


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