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מיקום Istanbul, Turkey

Take a trip to see the magical wonders of Turkey, where Asia and Europe meet across the Bosphorous River. Istanbul is a city filled with history and a sense of modernism - a must for your bucket list. Discover the beautiful architecture of the old world mosques, bask in the buzzing city life, take to the streets of Istanbul and discover a world of culinary delights and shopping.

מיקום Prague, Czech Republic

With its bohemian feel and fairytale like features, Prague is one of Europe's best-preserved cities and definitely one for the list. With so much to explore you won't find yourself wanting for adventure. From Pražský Hrad (Prague Castle) to Chrám svaté Barbory (St. Barbara's Cathedral) there is so much culture and history this city has to offer.

מיקום Marrakech, Morocco

Affectionately named "The Red City", Marrakech is a buzzing hub at the heart of Morocco and is a city filled with culture and adventures. Explore the markets and alleyways and don't forget the gardens and intimate courtyards! Or circle around the Koutoubia Mosque to enjoy the full Moroccan experience.

מיקום Hanoi, Vietnam

Hop on a bike and explore the city formerly known as "City of the Soaring Dragon" on the banks of the Red River - Hanoi. This cultural capital and heart of Vietnam is a blend between the poise of Paris and the non-stop pace of Asia. Hanoi is a city where old meets new to create a unique Vietnamese culture fusion.

מיקום Berlin, Germany

This German capital city is a hub for fashion and trendsetting. With a range of museums and galleries as well as its political history, Berlin offers any traveller a feel old and new European culture. Discover the Grunewald Forest, take a walk along the Berlin wall or enjoy some German cuisine. Germany's Capital has a world of exploration on offer.

מיקום Cape Town, South Africa

From Stellenbosch to Hout Bay and all the way to Malmesbury, the ‘Mother City' offers tourists and locals the friendly feel of South African culture. Add this city, filled with a world of adventure, to your bucket list.

מיקום Lisbon, Portugal

With its warm Mediterranean climate, beautiful landscapes and views - Lisbon is the perfect choice to experience Portugal and its magical ways. Take a trip through the intimate alleyways to experience the mix of traditional architecture and contemporary culture for a perfect holiday.

מיקום Chiang Mai, Thailand

At the foothills of Northern Thailand lays the second city, Chiang Mai. A laid-back and creative city, Chiang Mai has heart as well as a unique eating scene. Take a tip from the Thai's - take a trip north to see this beautiful city and tick it off your bucket list.

מיקום Rome, Italy

When in Rome do as the Romans do. So make friends with the locals and find out where the locals choose to eat for the best Italian experience. Sip water from the street fountain and enjoy the Roman architecture while waiting for your cappuccino (but only before 11 am - cappuccino is considered a drink strictly for breakfast). Fall in love with the home of the Vatican and La Dolce Vita.

מיקום New York City, USA

The City that never sleeps is waiting for you! New York City is a city you want to explore from a sightseeing and non-tourist perspective. Visit the Statue of Liberty and Brooklyn or even stop in at a hole-in-the-wall bar, don't forget to take a shopping trip in East Village, 5th Avenue or the classic Upper East Side.

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