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Travelling locally or abroad can be a fun experience; however, planning is essential when feeling the need to travel. There are some basic travel tips to ensure it goes off without a hitch. Research and narrowing down your needs i.e. car hire, accommodation and budget, will help make it a holiday to remember.

There are many online resources when researching destinations and accommodation; the best resources are reviews and local bloggers. This will give you information from an experienced perspective and help you make informed decisions.
Remember to read between the lines as other’s opinions might not match yours. Bloggers will provide you with local information about where to go and what to see as opposed to tourist areas, which can be more costly.

Now that you have decided on your destination you know what climate to pack for. Having this knowledge can help you make the right decisions when choosing a suitcase and the necessities to pack. Pick a durable and lightweight, wheelie case with locks. Ensure that you keep valuables such as cameras, passports, wallets, money etc. in your hand luggage at all times.

Booking plane tickets and accommodation can be tricky and time consuming, visit a reputable travel agency. Travel agents will advise on combo specials that include flights, accommodation and meals at discounted prices. They will also advise on all travel requirements and insurances. Make sure to check that your passport is valid and keep a certified copy. Your travel agent will advise on visas and the requirements.

Once you have sorted your flights and accommodation you can start planning your time on the ground. Will you need car rental? If yes, contact our call centre on 0860 100 565 for advice on special driving requirements when travelling abroad.

For your convenience you can visit our online booking section on our home page, we provide car rental services in more than 50 countries.

Planning your itinerary will help calculate the amount of money you would need for your travels and always be sure to keep extra for emergencies. Use the information you have gathered from bloggers to plan, this will help you find areas where locals eat. Eating in local areas can save you money as tourist areas charge more.

If you are travelling abroad, check exchange rates on a daily basis to get the best rates. Buy foreign currency when exchange rates are at their lowest. This can stretch your budget and make your holiday that much more special.

When the planning is done and you are ready for your holiday, remember these three rules when travelling: be safe, be prepared and enjoy!

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